Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 1


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a college guy named Tanaka who's all excited about his new apartment, right? He found it in an ad, and it's kinda' like when you see a cool fort in the woods, all run-down but full of possibilities. Anyway, Tanaka's REALLY excited about this "special service" the landlady supposedly offers tenants. Like, maybe she bakes cookies? Does your laundry? Nope, turns out "special service" is code for something... less wholesome.

The landlady, Miyuri, is like the opposite of old and wrinkly, which REALLY confuses Tanaka at first. It's like expecting Grandma to show up, but it's actually your hot babysitter instead. She's tiny, hence the "Little" in the title, and she loves reminding Tanaka that she's older (even if she doesn't look it).

The story is basically Tanaka paying his rent, but instead of cash, he uses his, uh... "sword." Miyuri, despite looking like a cute doll, is like that friend who ALWAYS wins at spicy food challenges - she can handle ANYTHING Tanaka throws at her.

They have a lot of "special time" together, with Miyuri even putting on a nun costume she found, which is super weird 'cause it's like playing doctor, but with more... praying? Tanaka's all nervous and blushing, while Miyuri's like the queen of the playground, in charge and loving it.

The irony is that Tanaka thought HE was getting the good end of the deal, but Miyuri's the one who's basically running a marathon while he's over here tapping out after a few laps. It's kinda' like how the wolf thought he was tricking Little Red Riding Hood, but she was ten steps ahead the whole time.

So yeah, "Dokidoki Little Ooyasan" is full of steamy moments and awkward encounters. It's like that forbidden cookie jar you're not supposed to touch, but Miyuri's got the keys and she's inviting you to grab a handful.