Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, "Dark Blue" Episode 1 starts with a whole lot of drama, kinda like when your big sister catches you reading her diary, but with way more screaming. It's about these two sisters, Kotomi and Suzuka, and their brother Yukito who are stuck in a summer home that’s bigger than your whole school, probably.

It’s like a scary movie because there are escaped convicts on the loose, but also kinda not because everyone seems more worried about who has a crush on whom. Like, there’s this guy, Reiya, who’s engaged to Otoha, but he's totally crushing on Suzuka, which is kinda messed up since Otoha is being super sweet to him. Talk about a love triangle! Or is it a love square? It's confusing, like trying to count past twenty.

And then there’s this creepy doctor guy, Takamine, who’s like the school principal you don’t want to get sent to. He’s got this whole blackmail thing going on with Suzuka, which is not cool at all. He’s making her do all sorts of stuff that would make your parents wash your mouth out with soap. Let’s just say it involves her "diary" and him being a big meanie-head.

Meanwhile, poor Yukito is stuck in the middle of all this, trying to be a good brother and friend, but everyone’s acting like a bunch of kindergartners fighting over the same toy. The episode ends with Reiya accidentally walking in on the doctor being super duper inappropriate with Suzuka, which is like, whoa!

This anime is like a bag of skittles, you never know what you're gonna get. It’s got suspense, romance that's kinda gross, and some parts that make you go "Ewwww!" It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from, but you might need to take a shower afterward.