Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, D-Spray Episode 1 is totally wild! It's about this guy Saionji who's kinda lazy at work, but maybe also secretly a ladies' man? His boss, Reiko, is like the super smart scientist lady, but also kinda scary, you know?

So Reiko gives Saionji this special spray that's supposed to make girls, like, *really* like you. She's all "Test it out, but don't tell anyone!" *wink wink*. It's like she's the wicked queen giving him a love potion or something.

First, he tries it on Kawasaki, the grumpy office lady, and it's like BOOM! She turns into a totally different person. They do it right there in the office! Then, he goes after Sakuragi, who's like, the nicest lady ever, and she's totally smitten too! He even steals her first time, which is kinda messed up, right?

Here's the ironic twist, though. Saionji thinks he's so slick, but the joke's on him! Sakuragi falls head over heels, but not for him, for the *spray*! It's like she's addicted to candy or something. The episode ends with her all lovey-dovey, but Saionji's clueless!

This episode is like a roller coaster! It's funny and awkward and kinda makes you feel a little icky inside. It's like eating too much candy - fun at first, but then your tummy hurts.