Jun 20, 2024

## Creamy Pie Episode 2: So... Many... Pussies...

Okay, so this episode starts off kinda crazy. Miyu, she's like REALLY into this guy, Ryo-kun. They're like, totally dating. But Ryo-kun, he's got a wandering eye, and it lands on Mika-chan, who's like a shiny new toy. It's like when you have your favorite action figure, but then you see the limited edition one at the store! You still love your old one, but… shiny!

Anyway, Mika-chan is doing this photoshoot in, like, really skimpy clothes (my mom would NEVER let me wear that!). And of course, Ryo-kun can't keep his eyes off her... or her "assets" as my dad would say. Miyu gets super jealous! It's like a volcano about to erupt!🌋

Here comes the twist though: they go on a "date" ...all three of them! It's like when your friends try to play with you and your toys, but it just ends up messy. And messy it gets! They all do the grown-up hug for a LONG time (ewww).

Just when you think it can't get crazier, BOOM! This girl, Alice, pops out of nowhere! She's like, "Hero! I've been waiting for you!" Turns out, Ryo-kun's some kind of super-stud in another world. Who knew?

Alice is like a dog with a bone, she won't leave Ryo-kun alone. She even breaks into his house! And guess what? More grown-up hugs! I'm telling you, this episode has more grown-up hugs than a teddy bear factory!

The ending is kinda weird. Alice disappears, but then she's back... making Ryo-kun a sandwich. I guess she's trying to win him over with food? It's like my grandma always says, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But seriously, this episode was wild! 🤯