Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, "Creamy Pie Episode 1" is totally wild! It's Valentine's Day, and Tomo-kun, this guy who gets all the girls, is dating this quiet girl Yuzuha. But Yuzuha is like a volcano about to erupt! She wants to be the only girl for Tomo-kun, even though he's, like, a total heartbreaker.

Imagine a girl giving you chocolate but instead of a heart-shaped box, she's wearing, um, *no* box! That's Yuzuha, she's like a walking talking Valentine's Day surprise. And Tomo-kun, he's all happy about it, like a kid getting a giant lollipop! They do the grown-up stuff, you know, like in those "Creamy Pie" comics they keep talking about. It's like, *really* grown-up stuff, not the kind you read in third grade.

Then there's Masami, who always borrows comics from Tomo-kun. She's like the shy girl who sits in the corner, but this time she acts like the popular girl, asking Tomo-kun for *naughty* stuff from the comics! It's like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, only with more... you know. And Tomo-kun, well, he's not complaining!

But then, *twist*! Tomo-kun's ex, Yuna, shows up, and she's not happy about Masami. Yuna's like a grumpy cat, all hissing and scratching. Turns out, she wants to be back with Tomo-kun but *only* if he promises not to do the grown-up stuff with anyone else. It's like she wants to have her cake and eat it too!

Then there's this whole thing with Aoi, who's had a crush on Tomo-kun forever. It's like a slow-motion train wreck, you see it coming but can't do anything about it. Aoi confesses her feelings, and Tomo-kun, being Tomo-kun, is happy to oblige. But guess who catches them in the act? Yep, the grumpy cat, Yuna!

So, the episode ends with everyone confused and a little bit sticky. It's like someone spilled a milkshake all over Valentine's Day, and nobody knows how to clean it up. I guess you gotta watch episode 2 to find out!