Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai Episode 2


Jun 20, 2024

## Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai Episode 2: A Third Grader's Definitely-Not-SFW Review

So, like, this episode starts out with Aya-tan wearing a super duper skimpy swimsuit. I think it's supposed to be like those magical girl costumes, but even skimpier! Anyway, Aya-tan is, like, totally freaking out because a bunch of guys are staring at her. And guess what? She starts getting all sweaty! 💦 But like, not normal sweat, duh! It's that special icky-sticky sweat that girls get when they're around boys they like.

The guys, they're like, totally creepy. They keep saying stuff like, "Wow, you're so wet!" and "Let us comfort you." Ick! They remind me of those gross bugs that crawl around in the dirt. But Aya-tan, she's, like, a total pushover. She's all like, "Okay, I'll lick your…um…*thingies*." I bet she wouldn't even say "butt" when playing tag.

Then it gets even weirder! They give her this magic stick – but not the fun kind you use for bubbles. This one is all pointy and stuff. And they make her put it in her, well, *special place*! And guess what? It makes her even wetter! It's like magic, but not the good kind. More like, if someone spilled orange juice on your favorite doll.

The guys get all excited and start doing *naughty* things. Like, putting their *thingies* in her *other special places*! I know what they're doing, even if I can't write it down! They're like those bullies on the playground who always take your stuff.

By the end, Aya-tan is like a puddle of…um…*stuff*. And the guys? They're all happy and stuff. They even call her a "sperm slave" which is super duper mean! I bet they don't even know what "sperm" means! It's like saying a bad word you heard from your older brother, but you don't actually know what it means.

Oh, and there's a super ironic twist! It turns out that Aya-tan accidentally sent the email asking for all this to herself! Can you believe it? It's like when you try to trick your little brother but you end up tricking yourself! So yeah, this episode was super duper weird and gross. I give it a D-.