Cosplay Change: Pure-kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seiheki Episode 4


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so imagine this: Imoko, our heroine, is like that kid in class who REALLY wants to be in the school play but is convinced they're too tall and have the wrong name. Except, instead of a play, it's an anime club and she's convinced her boobs are scaring everyone away. Talk about your first-world problems, right?

So, Imoko stumbles upon this weird store that's like if your dad's man-cave and an anime convention had a baby. She finds a costume (and let's be real, it's probably way too small for her, based on the title) and decides to try it on. Because, you know, when there's no one around, the obviously responsible thing to do is put on someone else's clothes.

And who does she decide to become? Sailor Mfoon, a sexy space cop with a love for justice and a questionable grasp of legal procedure. Basically, she's like Judge Judy but with more cleavage and a thing for framing innocent people.

Anyway, hilarity ensues when the actual store owner shows up, and surprise, surprise, she's also into cosplay! Specifically, she's dressed like a character from the show Sailor Mfoon is from, which is either some crazy coincidence or lazy writing, I haven't figured that out yet.

They have this whole weird, flirty fight scene where they accuse each other of being perverts based on, let's just say, flimsy evidence. It's like if two kids playing house suddenly decided to make it about who can eat the most imaginary cookies.

And then, because this wouldn't be a proper hentai story without it, things get physical. We're talking groping, we're talking awkward positions, we're talking enough double entendres to make a sailor blush. It's all very silly and over-the-top, kind of like that one friend who always takes things too far.

The episode ends on a real cliffhanger, with Imoko learning a valuable lesson about the dangers of trying on strange outfits and the store owner discovering that some customers will pay an absurd amount for a rice ball if you let them touch your boobs.

So yeah, that's episode 4. It's ridiculous, it's kinda dumb, but hey, at least it's memorable? Just like that time you accidentally wore your shirt inside out for a whole day, it's something you'll never forget... but maybe not for the right reasons.