Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, "Cleavage Episode 1" starts with this kid, Yuuto, being all sad and stuff because his stepmom died a whole year ago. His REAL mom died even earlier, so he's basically a pro at this whole mourning thing. But his sister (step-sister? It's kinda vague) Erika is like, "Get over it, you Oedipus-loving weirdo!" She's REALLY mean to him, which I guess is supposed to be funny?

Anyway, Yuuto is like, totally obsessed with his dead mom's, um, 'assets' (if you know what I mean) and Erika is grossed out but also kind of jealous? It's confusing. She keeps calling him names and telling him to study, but then she's like, "Hey, wanna touch my..." Yeah, it gets weird.

There's this other girl, Morikawa, who is obsessed with Erika, like, in a REALLY obsessive way. She's like a dog with a bone, except the bone is Erika's heart... or maybe something else. She keeps sniffing around Yuuto, trying to figure out what's going on between him and Erika. She's like a detective, but a dumb one.

So then there's this whole thing where Yuuto and Erika start, um, "comforting" each other (if you catch my drift), and Morikawa gets REALLY jealous. It's like a soap opera for kids who don't know what soap operas are.

The episode ends with Yuuto and Erika pretending that nothing happened, which is kind of like when you break something and try to glue it back together but it's still super obvious. The narrator (who sounds like a robot, by the way) says that someone is onto their little game, which is like, duh!

It's all very dramatic and stuff, like Shakespeare but with more, you know, 'cleavage'. Get it? Cleavage? Because that's the title!