Cherry & Gal`s Episode 2


Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so "Cherry & Gal's Episode 2" is like, WOW. It's about this boy Ryoma who's like a lost puppy, totally clueless. He meets this girl, Ruruna, and she's like the opposite, she knows what she wants! It's like the tortoise and the hare, except instead of a race, it's, well, *that*.

Ruruna's all like "Let's do this!" and poor Ryoma is like "Wait, what's going on?!" She's basically the queen of this story, even though it's supposed to be about Cherry and Gal, who are her friends and kinda show up at the end. I guess you could say Ruruna is like the Pied Piper of *grown-up stuff*, leading Ryoma down a path he wasn't ready for.

The whole thing happens in this weird place, like a park or something, which is kinda ironic because it's supposed to be a secret but it's out in the open. Ruruna's all about Ryoma's "cuteness" which is basically a code word for him being small. She even compares him to a baby!

The funniest part is that Ryoma keeps saying he can't do it anymore, but then he, well, you know. It's like he eats a magic strawberry that gives him superpowers! πŸ“πŸ’ͺ Ruruna even gets him to "squirt like a girl" which is kinda gross, but also kinda funny.

The story ends with Ruruna wanting to do it again with her friends. Poor Ryoma! I guess we'll have to watch Episode 3 to see what happens next! 😳