Jun 19, 2024

Cele Kano Episode 1: A Butler's Guide to Wasting Time (And Other Stuff)

So, like, this guy, Katsuragi, right? He's all bummed out because his grandpa kicked the bucket over summer vacation. Grandpa was loaded though, so Katsuragi gets stuck being a butler for this rich chick, Kotoha. Think Cinderella, but with less singing mice and way more, uh, "tea parties."

Kotoha is like, super-duper rich and lives in a mansion bigger than a school. She's also kinda like that one girl on the playground who eats glue – a little bit messy and totally obsessed with...herself. And other stuff.

Anyway, Katsuragi walks in on Kotoha doing things a butler probably shouldn't see involving her hands and some questionable "alone time." It's awkward, like finding your dad's sock drawer. But instead of freaking out, Kotoha's all like, "Wanna join?" Which is, like, super weird, right?

So begins a whirlwind of "activities" that even makes playing tag in gym class seem boring. These two go at it like they're trying to win a staring contest, but with their, um, "parts." It's like a game of tag, where "home base" is, well, you get the idea.

Kotoha, turns out, is like the Michael Jordan of this "game," which makes Katsuragi the kid who always gets picked last in gym. She even makes him keep score! It's all fun and games until this other girl, with, like, really big... sweaters, shows up and is all over Katsuragi.

Suddenly, Kotoha turns into a jealous green monster, kinda like the Hulk, but with less smashing and more, uh, pouting. She even offers to be Katsuragi's personal "everything" if he stays. Talk about mixed signals!

Poor Katsuragi is all confused, like a goldfish in a bowling alley. He's totally whipped but doesn't want to be Kotoha's boy toy. So, he does what any logical guy would do: he chickens out and says he's in love with someone else.

Yeah, smooth move, Katsuragi. Real smooth.

The episode ends with Kotoha fuming and Katsuragi probably regretting his life choices. Stay tuned for Episode 2 where I'm sure they won't be doing laundry!