Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so like, "Cambrian Episode 2" is TOTALLY intense! It's like a soap opera but with way more, um, *grown-up* stuff. Remember those weird trilobites from science class? Well, imagine they made people act all crazy and, like, *extra* horny, and that's basically the gist.

Keiko is this super pretty scientist lady who's like a science experiment herself because of something called "Cambrian DNA." It makes her want to do naughty things, kinda like when you eat too much candy and go bonkers! There's this Professor Yamagishi who's obsessed with her and keeps saying creepy things like "evolution" and "marry me" – yuck!

Then there's Hideaki, the "nice guy" who's totally in love with Keiko. But he gets all jealous and possessive, like when your little brother won't share his toys. Things get REALLY messy when Hirotaka, another scientist dude who's turned into a jerk because of the Cambrian stuff, wants Keiko too. It's like a love triangle, but with more yelling and weird science!

The story is like a giant metaphor, my teacher told me so! The Cambrian explosion was when tons of crazy creatures appeared on Earth. In this story, everyone's turning into their own kind of "creature" because of their desires. It's like the Garden of Eden, but instead of an apple, there's, well, you know...

Anyway, the ending is such a cliffhanger! Will Keiko choose Hideaki or Hirotaka? Will Professor Yamagishi make everyone marry him? And what about those trilobites?! You'll have to watch Episode 3 to find out!