Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so like, "Cambrian Episode 1" is about this scientist dude, Dr. Yamagishi, who's like a total mad genius. He invents this thing called "Evolution of Molecule Engineering," which is basically like playing God with DNA. It's like he found the cheat codes for life and wants to make everyone evolve super fast, like Pokémon but way less cool.

He used to be a big deal at the university but then he tried to clone a human and got kicked out. Talk about a bad science fair project, right? Now he's all alone in his creepy lab, which is like the one in "Dexter's Laboratory" but without all the cool gadgets and Dee Dee.

Anyway, Dr. Yamagishi has this former student named Keiko, who's dating this super awkward guy named Hirotaka. Keiko is kinda like Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus" because she's smart and pretty, but maybe she shouldn't trust Dr. Yamagishi as much as Ms. Frizzle trusts her bus.

Dr. Yamagishi tricks Keiko into coming to his lab and then he's all like, "I'm gonna use my science to make you love me!" It's totally creepy and weird, like that one kid in class who eats glue. He drugs Keiko and then... well, let's just say it's like a really messed up episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

The worst part? Dr. Yamagishi thinks it's romantic! He keeps saying "This is love!" but it's about as romantic as stepping on a Lego. The episode ends with Keiko's boyfriend Hirotaka showing up at the lab, and it's like, "Uh oh, is this gonna be a science experiment gone wrong, or a really awkward dinner party?"

To be continued... I guess. But honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they just blew up the lab and called it a day.