Cafe Junkie Episode 1


Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a cafe, right? But instead of just coffee and cake, there's a whole lotta drama brewing! It's like someone spilled a triple-shot espresso into a soap opera!

This story is about Ma-kun, who's like, totally whipped by his older friend Kaede-san, who owns the cafe. She's gone away, which is like, the worst thing ever for poor Ma-kun, except he's stuck with her two younger sisters, Nanami and Kurumi. And let's just say, they're not exactly sad that Kaede-san is gone. It's like someone replaced regular sugar with the extra sweet stuff!

Kurumi is all, "I'm in love with you, Ma-kun! Even though you only have eyes for my sister!" She's like that friend who always shares her toys, even if she secretly wants to keep them all to herself. And Nanami, she's more like, "Ma-kun, you're gonna be mine, even if I have to fight my sister for you!" They're like two sides of the same coin, both head over heels for the same guy.

The story is full of steamy scenes - think of a hot chocolate fudge sundae, but way more intense! And just when you think things couldn't get any crazier, Kaede-san calls and says she might come back early! Talk about a plot twist! It's like finding a gummy bear in your cookie jar – unexpected but kinda awesome!

The irony is thicker than a milkshake! Ma-kun is all hung up on Kaede-san, but he’s got both her sisters falling all over him. Will he stay loyal like a puppy waiting for its owner, or will he give in to the temptation like a kid in a candy store? You gotta watch (or, uh, read) to find out!