Bust to Bust Episode 3


Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so "Bust to Bust: Episode 3" is like, totally wild! Remember Yano, the girl who's always glued to Igawa? Well, she's back from her super mysterious trip home (which turned out to be for a funeral, boring!). She's all lovey-dovey, calling him "Igawa-kun" like a weirdo, but then she threatens to turn him into a decoration if he ever leaves her. Talk about mixed messages!

Anyway, things get steamy fast (like, way faster than finishing your homework). Yano's back, but then there's Shinobu (the energetic one) and Suzie-sensei (the teacher, duh!). Turns out, they got jealous of all the fun Yano and Igawa were having and decided to join in. It's like when your friends show up uninvited to your pizza party, except instead of pizza, it's...well, you know. πŸ˜‰

Suddenly, Igawa's the pizza, if you get what I mean! They're all over him, calling dibs and arguing over who he likes best. It's like a three-headed monster of love and lust, and poor Igawa is stuck right in the middle! They even break out the "Super Dildo," which is exactly what it sounds like, and totally not something you should look up on the internet.

The ending is super weird though. One minute they're all hot and heavy, the next Igawa is some kind of space emperor with multiple wives? Or maybe it's a dream? It's like the story got distracted and forgot what it was doing. I guess you could say it's like trying to keep a bunch of puppies in a basket – cute and chaotic, but impossible to control!