Bust to Bust Episode 1


Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so like, "Bust to Bust Episode 1" is TOTALLY about this guy, Igawa, and this girl, Yano. Yano's like a ghost, always skipping school and hiding in her house, which is like, SOOOO full of anime stuff, it's like living in a comic book store! Igawa's supposed to be bringing her homework, but he's all nosy and finds her secret stash of, *whispers* *blushing* *giggles* YAOI drawings!!

Yano's super embarrassed, she's like a tomato! But Igawa's not grossed out, he's like, weirdly impressed. He thinks her art skills are the bomb, even if the, you know, *makes awkward hand gesture* anatomy is a little...off. Like, imagine drawing a giraffe with an elephant trunk, THAT kind of off.

So then things get REALLY weird, REALLY fast. They start comparing, you know, *points at crotch* notes, and Yano's all, "I've never seen a REAL one!" It's like a train wreck you can't look away from! They're like two ships passing in the night, except the ships are full of hormones and bad decisions.

And guess what? Yano drinks Igawa's, you know, *makes drinking motion* It's like a really messed up tea party! She even calls him "S" which is like a secret code for "super weird," but also maybe a little "super hot?"

The ending is like a big, fat question mark. Yano says now she can draw REALISTIC *whispers* *points at crotch again* because of Igawa, which is kinda sweet? Kinda gross? Definitely something a third grader shouldn't be watching!