Jun 17, 2024

Brandish Episode 2: It's like a soap opera in a bathtub, but with more "sticky" situations!

We got this demon lady, she's like super sneaky, kinda like a ninja but with horns maybe. She wants to "defeat" this hero guy, but first, she's gotta lay low. So, she puts on these magic bracelets (they look like those slap-on ones from the vending machine) that make her seem normal.

She pretends to work at this bathhouse, but she's not very good at it. It's like when your little brother tries to help with the dishes and ends up soaking the whole floor! She gets all flustered around the hero, and instead of, you know, fighting him, she ends up giving him a bath. And not the kind you get from Grandma!

It's like a water balloon fight, except the water balloons are filled with...well, use your imagination! Let's just say there's a lot of "slippery" stuff going on.

The ironic twist? The demon lady is into it! It's like when you pretend to hate your birthday present, but secretly you love it. She's all like, "This hero is ruining my evil plan!" but her body is saying, "More, more!"

In the end, the hero, who's not very bright, figures out she's a demon. She's surprised 'cause she thought her disguise was super good. She runs off, promising to get him back, but it kinda sounded like she was going to miss him, too.

This episode was a rollercoaster, kind of like that time at the amusement park where you ate too much cotton candy and then went on the spinning teacups. You're not sure if you liked it or not, but you definitely won't forget it!