Jun 19, 2024

Okay, so Brandish Episode 1. Imagine if someone took a bowl of fruit loops, dumped in some gummy worms, and then set the whole thing on fire - that's the vibe here.

We got Twiska, a succubus, and let's just say she's like the mean girl in school who also happens to be a magical vampire. She flies around with her talking dog-bat-thing (don't ask) and basically goes around, uh, "borrowing" life force from unsuspecting dudes.

Then there's Theo, who's about as useful as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave. Twiska decides she wants to, um, "play" with him, and things get about as messy as a toddler's birthday party. Turns out, Theo's got a hidden superpower: he's basically the great-great-great-great grandson of Captain America or something, and when Twiska tries her usual tricks, BAM! He turns into a muscle-bound hero. It's like that time you found your hamster in your sister's dollhouse, unexpected and kinda weird.

Suddenly, Twiska's the one on the receiving end of some, uh, "attention," and she's NOT happy about it. The episode ends with her running away, swearing revenge, which is like the kid who loses at checkers and flips the board over.

It's all very dramatic and ridiculous, but hey, that's hentai for ya! ๐Ÿ˜œ