Bonyuu-chan wa Dashitai. Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so imagine this: there's this high school girl, Tomomi-senpai, who's like, super duper cute, but with, you know, really, really big *cough* milk jugs. Like, those things are practically their own characters, bigger than her head! Anyway, she's never had a boyfriend, which is like, totally unbelievable, right? Then there's this dude, Hikaru, who's like, "Whoa, she's hot!" but also kinda clueless.

Turns out, Tomomi's got a *secret*. She's basically a walking, talking milk fountain, but like, in a *weird* way. She needs, um, *"motivation"* to, uh, *activate* her special powers. And guess who she asks for help? Yep, clueless Hikaru! It's like asking a kindergartener to solve a math problem!

So, they start this whole weird arrangement, which is basically just an excuse for them to, you know, do *stuff*. Tomomi's like a combination of a mommy who wants to take care of you and a baby who wants to be taken care of, which is kind of confusing.

It's like that story about the spider and the fly, except instead of a web, it's Tomomi's, um, *assets*, and instead of a fly, it's Hikaru's, uh, *enthusiasm*. And they just keep going at it, like, everywhere! Classrooms, love hotels, you name it! They're like rabbits, but with more, uh, *fluids*.

Tomomi gets more and more, um, *intense*, and Hikaru's just along for the ride. It's like he won a lifetime supply of milkshakes, but the only way to get them is to, you know, *work* for it.

And that's pretty much it! Lots of milk, lots of, uh, *other stuff*, and a whole lot of weirdness. You know, the usual high school romance! 😜