Bokura no Sex Episode 2


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so like, "Bokura no Sex Episode 2" is TOTALLY for grown-ups, not kids like me! It's about this teacher, she's like SUPER pretty, but also kinda clueless. Like, she keeps getting tied up by her student, Janome, who is WAY into ropes and knots. It's like playing Red Rover, but instead of holding hands they use, well, you know... 🀫

This episode is like a big bowl of mixed-up candy. You got your sweet moments, like when they're all blushy and stuff. But then there's the sour stuff, like the whole teacher-student thing which is WRONG! And then there's the spicy stuff, πŸ”₯ but my mom says I can't talk about that!

The story is set in two places: The teacher's house, which is like a lion's den, except the lion is really bad at escaping. And then there's this shed where Janome practices his knots, kinda like Spiderman, but way less cool.

The funny part is, the teacher keeps saying she's gonna talk to Janome's dad, but she never does! It's like she forgets every time she gets tied up! And Janome is like, "Oh well, guess you'll have to stay tied up a little longer!"

The whole thing is like a big metaphor! Or maybe an allusion, I always get those mixed up. It's like, adults think they're in control, but they're really just tangled up in their own desires. Or maybe it's just about a creepy kid who likes tying people up. Either way, I'm sticking to cartoons!