Boku to Sensei to Tomodachi no Mama Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, imagine this, but picture it with like, crayons and glitter glue:

So there's this kid, right? We'll call him Boku-chan, 'cause that's what everyone calls him, and he's got it BAD for his teacher, who's like, REALLY REALLY pretty. She's like the shiny red apple on the teacher's desk, everyone wants a bite! But Boku-chan, he's taking pictures of her butt like she's a rare Pokemon card! Not cool, Boku-chan.

Anyway, the teacher, who's name is like, Ms. Super-Foxy-Lady (I don't think that's her real name, but that's what it should be) catches him, and she's like, "You're in BIG trouble, mister!" But then she's like, "Actually..." and tells him he has to do all this, like, REALLY REALLY embarrassing stuff for her.

And Boku-chan, he's like a puppy dog, wagging his tail and doing whatever Ms. Super-Foxy-Lady says. It's kinda sad, actually. But also, he kinda likes it? It's like, the more she bosses him around, the more he wants to be bossed around.

So they do all this stuff, like, REALLY REALLY REALLY embarrassing stuff (my mom says I can't write about it, but trust me, it's juicy!). And Boku-chan, he's like, totally whipped. He's Ms. Super-Foxy-Lady's little puppet, dancing on her strings. She says "jump", he says "How high?" You get the idea.

It's like the story of the frog and the scorpion, except instead of a scorpion, it's a hot teacher, and instead of a frog, it's a kid with a camera. And nobody dies, but someone might get pregnant, which my mom says is kind of like dying, because you have to change a lot of diapers.

The ironic twist is that Ms. Super-Foxy-Lady thought she was in control, but Boku-chan's, well, let's just say *enthusiasm* ends up with her being the one wrapped around his finger! It's like that saying, "The student becomes the master", but with more bodily fluids.

The end? I don't know, I think they just keep doing embarrassing stuff. Like I said, juicy!