Boku no Yayoi-san Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so like, "Boku no Yayoi-san" is about this dude Hiro, right? He lives with his super hot older sister-in-law, Yayoi, because his brother decided to take a permanent nap in the sky (aka he's dead). Hiro is like *obsessed* with Yayoi. I mean, OBSESSED. Think of a kid with a candy store right outside his window, but instead of candy, it's his sister-in-law. Yeah, *that* obsessed.

The whole anime is basically a giant metaphor for forbidden love. You know, like Romeo and Juliet, except instead of poison, they use, uh, *other* things. Hiro is basically a walking hormone, and Yayoi is stuck playing the responsible adult, even though she's got some serious baggage from her husband being gone. It's like a car crash you can't look away from.

Anyway, in the first episode, Hiro is basically drowning in puberty, dreaming about Yayoi in a hot spring (scandalous!), and of course, things get *weird*. It's all very "I'm not a boy, not yet a man" kind of stuff. Yayoi catches him with his, uh, *reading material* (wink wink) and things escalate faster than a rocket ship to, well, you know.

The big irony is that Yayoi is supposed to be the responsible one, the "guardian," but she ends up falling into Hiro's, uh, *web*. It's like she says, "Don't do this," but her heart is like, "Do it, do it!"

The setting, with the brother's death hanging over everything, makes it extra messed up. It's like trying to bake a cake with salt instead of sugar. You know it's wrong, but there's something weirdly compelling about it.

Overall, "Boku no Yayoi-san" is a big ol' bowl of WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!, but hey, sometimes you just want to watch the world burn, right? 😜 Just don't tell your parents you read this review.