Binkan Athlete Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

## Binkan Athlete Episode 1: A Third Grader's Perspective

This story is like a roller coaster ride, except instead of going up and down, it's mostly just...wet. It all starts in a super fancy sports place in Japan called Pantheon (like where the Greek gods live, but with more volleyball). There's this guy, he's like the massage guy, but like, *special* massage.

So this boss lady with crazy hair, she's all like "your hands are magic! They can help these poor athletes with their...*tension*." It's like that story about the Midas touch, except instead of gold, everything turns into...well, you get the idea.

First up is Megumi, a volleyball player. She's all shy about not wearing underwear (like it's a big deal!), but then the massage guy starts poking her *everywhere* and she turns into a moaning mess. It's kinda funny, actually. He keeps saying it's "treatment," but it seems more like a "treat" if you ask me! 😜

Then we meet the twin figure skaters, Nao and Shizuku. They're sliding around on the floor pretending it's ice (talk about using your imagination!), and then BAM, massage time! This time it's *two* girls getting the special treatment, and they get all giggly and blushy about how "naughty" they are.

Finally, there's Asaka, the beach volleyball star. She's like, "forget the massage, let's do the other thing!" And the massage guy is all like "Okay!" They do the deed in their swimsuits (scandalous!), then he goes full-on Hercules and *finishes* on her *chest*!

The end is kinda weird, Asaka thanks him for helping her win (?) and then they do it AGAIN. This story is like a box of crayons, colorful and messy! πŸ€ͺ