Bible Black Only Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so "Bible Black Only Episode 1" is like a soap opera filmed inside a high school locker room, but instead of juicy gossip, everyone's obsessed with this weird book called "Bible Black." It's like finding your older brother's secret magazine stash, but with more awkward encounters and uncomfortable noises.

The main character is like that quiet girl in class who suddenly decides she wants to be the star of the school play, but the play is all about, um, "growing up." She keeps saying she's the "devil's slave," which I guess is like being the teacher's pet, but way more blushy.

There's also a vice principal who's about as good at his job as a goldfish is at riding a bicycle. He's always bumping into the main character in *very* unfortunate places, like it's some kind of weird game of hide-and-seek.

And let's not forget the manager! He's like the lunch lady who keeps trying to sneak extra scoops of mystery meat onto your tray, even though you said "no" the first seventeen times. He's got this weird obsession with the main character's friend, who's about as willing to participate as a wet cat in a bath.

This episode is full of "surprises," like when you open your birthday present and it's socks... again. It tries to be all mysterious and scandalous, but it mostly just left me feeling like I needed a shower and a nap. And maybe some brain bleach.