Aku no Onna Kanbu Episode 1


Jun 15, 2024

## Aku no Onna Kanbu Episode 1: A Third Grader's Totally Unbiased Review (NOT!)

Okay, so this episode starts with Princess Lunatemis. She's like, the BIG DEAL in the Great Lunarium Kingdom, which is like, on the moon or something. She messes up a mission (probably forgot to beam down the space snacks) and her punishment is, get this, to touch herself while a guy watches! Talk about harsh! And this guy, Katsuma, he's supposed to be her servant but he's kind of a meanie. Like, he smells her panties and calls her a pervert! So rude!

But here's the thing, Lunatemis is kinda into it. It's like, her body is saying "yes!" even though her brain is all "eww, no!" And then Katsuma does this thing called "Emblem Steal" which is like a superpower that steals other people's moon magic. He takes Lunatemis's powers, which is like taking away her princess crown AND her sparkly unicorn! Now she has to do whatever he says!

Katsuma makes Lunatemis do all sorts of naughty stuff. It's like he's trying to get a gold star in "How to be a Super Jerk 101". He even makes her go to school with a sticky secret! (Eww!) And it gets worse, because Katsuma has his eyes on another girl, Kaguya, who's like, the teacher's pet of the moon kingdom. He uses Lunatemis to find Kaguya's weakness, which is... *drumroll* ...Katsuma himself! (Talk about a love triangle!)

The ending is like a giant, messy space cake. Katsuma tricks Kaguya and then makes both girls do REALLY inappropriate things while he watches. It's like he's the conductor of a very naughty orchestra! The episode ends with Katsuma deciding to use his power to take over the moon kingdom, which is kind of ironic because he started as a lowly servant.

**So, what did I think?** Well, it was kinda gross and weird, but also exciting and funny. It's like eating a whole bag of candy - you know it's bad for you, but you can't stop! I guess you have to watch the next episode to see if Lunatemis gets her powers back and puts Katsuma in his place!