Advancer Tina Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so like, Advancer Tina is TOTALLY this space adventure story, but with, you know, *adult stuff* that makes it kinda weird. It's like when your older brother tells you a scary story but then adds in kisses and stuff – confusing, right?

So Tina's this super tough space explorer lady, like a scary version of Ms. Frizzle but with way cooler hair. She's in space jail for, like, a gazillion years cuz she blew up a planet! This dude who's kinda like the principal, except he wears a suit and is slimy, offers her a deal: find a livable spot on this planet everyone's scared of, and she's free! He's probably just hoping for a free planet, like when Billy promises to trade you a gummy bear for your whole lunchbox.

Anyways, Tina's stuck with this scaredy-cat sidekick, Akira, and this little orphan girl, Frill, who worships Tina like she's a pop star. They go to this space station that's like a giant, dirty playground with no rules, and Tina buys a spaceship from this grumpy captain dude named Ho. It's like trading your Pokémon cards but with WAY more money.

On the planet, it's super hot, like being stuck in your dad's car with the windows rolled up! They meet this cocky jerk, Garuda, who's also hunting for treasure, and his girlfriend, Joanna, who's kinda like the popular girl who always follows him around.

Remember how I said it was confusing? Well, it turns out there's this scary monster plant thing on the planet that eats people! It's like Audrey II from "Little Shop of Horrors" but a million times worse. Everyone gets attacked, and Tina has to use all her awesome fighting skills to save the day.

But here's the really weird part – it turns out Garuda was after this treasure left by a guy named Ortega, who’s like the school bully in space. And guess what? Ortega is the one who killed Akira's family! It's like finding out your classmate's hamster was eaten by your neighbor's cat – a big mess!

Oh, and did I mention Frill has magic powers? She's like a mix of Hermione Granger and Raven from "Teen Titans" – super smart and kinda spooky.

Anyways, the story ends with Tina sending this super negative report back to the principal guy so no one else will go to the scary planet. It's like telling everyone the school cafeteria is serving worms, even though it's technically chicken nuggets. Tina's still stuck in space jail, but hey, at least she has Frill and Joanna! It's kinda sweet, but also kinda sad, like when your goldfish dies but your mom says you can get a puppy – eventually.